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Leading architect in building a sustainable world in luxury design.
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C.S. Nel (B 83-04-09) was born to build cities. His great passion and empathy for people compels him to lead communities to stand as one. Shoulder to shoulder taking each step forward towards one goal, with hearts that beats as one, as one nation.

C.S. Nel’s first business was at the age of 10 selling toys to his peers. This was his first lessons in addressing authority boldly and without any fear. C.S. Nel also learned that importance of reading the fine print and “Don’t ever assume, clarify and verify every detail of a deal.”


C.S. Nel’s core philosophy is: “Working together as one, with one vision, and one burning desire, can change this world for the better.”

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

A defining moment in C.S. Nel’s life was in July 2014 after over a decade of success in the construction industry. C.S. Nel, with the help and inspiration of the world’s best teachers, mentors, and coaches, took back that burning flame deep within his being, setting him on a path that will lead to the cities of the future.

Third Culture Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Of French heritage, having lived in various parts of the world including the Indian Ocean, Africa and Asia, C.S. has a strong cultural awareness enabling him to interact and create business affinities wherever he may be and whomever he deals with. Currently based in Singapore, Asia’s gateway and major business hub, C.S. has made a remarkable impression with all those that has worked with him. C.S. was raised just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. All along, he always knew he would make an international career.

C.S.’ passion and ease for words make him a powerful speaker to be reckoned with.

Architect – Creating Quality Luxury

With over a decade of experience in projects ranging from USD 15 million up to USD 3.4 billion in, C.S. strengths lie in his ability to merge sustainable practices, design aesthetics, and enhanced qualitative human habitats. As a design professional, C.S. has skillfully mastered not only Architecture, but also Interior design and Urban design.

With past and current projects located in South Africa, Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle-East and South East Asia, C.S. can also boasts with an array of experience ranging from professional consultant, contractor and manufacturer in in the construction industry.

His keen eye for design and passion for quality in all his endeavours make C.S. an excellent asset in luxury upscale developments and properties. C.S. has proven to be a valuable asset for international award winning companies and developments, continually implementing international congruent practices and systems.

Developer – Bringing People & Nations Together

With 14 generations of heritage in africa, C.S. has quite a unique insight into African philosophy. One of which is the philosophy of Ubuntu, easier explained as togetherness or being one. This african belief are best defined as every person are part of his or her community and surroundings. C.S. believes that it is this principle of oneness that strengthen build communities, nation, and countries.

C.S. is constantly questioning the status quo and striving to makes things better whilst willing to take action for it. Naturally compelled to take the lead, C.S. breaks through barriers and keeps strong and pushing through where not many are willing to, a well-known Afrikaners trait.

C.S. excels in orchestrating teams and getting the best results from any team member involved.

Some of the projects that C.S. holds dear in his heart is the Wild and Free foundation and one cause which he believes is worth fighting for saving the wild animals for our future generations.